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My name is Konrad, online better known as paskon. Currently I working as a freelancer, living in Krakow. I am a designer with developer noddle. I dabble in a bit of everything – from creating interfaces, shaping brands to making things for the web. Along with my passion for design,

I am a big fan of lonely hiking, mobile photography & startups community.

Be good & will be better

I am really ideational guy and I have one a simple philosophy in my life. That is to do the things you love to do and do it best as you can. I know – today individualism is really trendy, but i don't care about it. A popular maxim "interesting via different" I just supersede my own "better via good".

My ideology based on the words Ludwigs Mies van der Rohe (he was a German–American architect) who said,

’’ I don’t want be interesting, I want be good.

I just thought – I can expanded that to whole my life. Try be good in everything what I doing. So i believe that, if we will try to being good person on every level of life, then we can be closer to perfect life.


Case studies

That stuff is still preparing, come back soon.

Selected clients:

Say hey!

If you decided that you want work with me, ask me a question or just say hello, then you have few ways to do that.

You can write to me at contact@paskon.pl or tweet me at @mrpaskon.

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